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The Story behind
Heritage Blooms


HI, I’m Claudia, the grower of all the pretty flowers. Here’s a little bit on how Heritage Blooms U pick started.


For a very long time, my husband, our three kids and I, had dream to own a farm. In June 2021, this dream came to reality when we purchased a 96 acres farm. The main purpose for the land was to raise sustainable grass-fed cattle and have a farm store of the family Business Heritage Cattle Co.

I wanted to start an ‘artistic’ project on the side, something that would complemented what we were already doing with Heritage Cattle.

So, I decided to test a few things and see what would bring me joy…  got some chickens and sold beautiful rainbow eggs. I achieved great results, but it wasn’t fulfilling my cup. I then tried microgreens, but it quickly became a repetitive task…then came the idea of growing flowers. I got hooked, this took me in a deep dive into learning about flower farming. I never been known to have a green thumb, but I have a school background in Biology and a love for nature and pretty things.

With LOTS of arduous work and my husband soil and landscaping skills, we build 12 no till flower beds. Like our farming practices with our land and animals, we refrained to use harsh chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. We used, carboard, good soil, rainwater, organic compost to replenish nutrients, chickens to aerate and fertilize, and honeybee to pollinate.


Summer one arrived and we got blessed with many flowers. So many that we couldn’t keep up with them. We did not want the blooms to just go to waste, so we decided to open our flowers to the public and let the community pick and enjoy them. From there, the U PICK idea was born. That summer, we saw how much people were craving for connection with nature and coming to the farm. People smiled when they were in the gardens. It all made sense…

Ben and I always said that we wanted to be good stewards of the land that we would one day own and with gratefulness, we want to share it with the community. We continue to expand our growing space each year and add new cut flower species, it will only get better with time and experience.


As much as this project is keeping me busy, I also find time for another passion of mine… painting. If you are interested in viewing my artwork, please visit the ART section of my site.


Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up on all the happenings on the farm. Thank you for your support and hope to see you soon here, to try our grass-fed meat and get flowers at the farm!

the MacDonald Family



Grass fed and finished beef, practicing regenerative farming with no added hormones, and no added antibiotics.

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