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Wedding Flowers \ Diy Events

Whether you’re looking to DIY your flowers for a special event or creating your own bridal bouquets, we are her for you! 

Seasonal blooms from late JULY UNTIL OCTOBER

Where else can you wander through rows of flowers and pick your own wedding flowers? You can make your big day even extra special and a lot more affordable at the same time.

Bring your wedding party to pick the flowers for a fun unique experience. We have a private section in the garden reserved ONLY for weddings and special events.

That said, if you don't have time, we could select and pick your flowers for you — all you have to do is to arrange for someone to come collect them.

Some brides pick their own flowers but hire someone to make the bouquets and decorate … or you can do it yourself. It’s yours to decide. 


When is the best time to pick the wedding flowers?

We recommend picking your flowers a couple of days before your wedding or event, so they have time to stand in water overnight. Just message us in advance to book your visit.


How much will it cost and how many stems will I get?

We do not count the stems in the buckets, each flower has a different size. You simply pay per bucket. You can surprisingly fit a lot of flowers & foliage into one of our white buckets. See pictures below to see the size of our buckets.


The price is $50 per bucket of flowers. Additional cost may apply if you want more dahlias. You will be asked to bring cutters and your own buckets. We have some here for you to pick with, but they will be transferred into yours afterwards.


If you know the date a year in advance, you are more than welcome to come visit the garden and see what flowers are in bloom at that time. This will give you a better idea for planning the following year.


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions.


Contact  Claudia  at

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